Nolan Ryan was kind enough to send us this autographed baseball card from his collection.

In the early 1990's the four of us (catcher Rich Gedman, RHP Jim Corsi, Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersly), indoors in the winter we worked out throwing, and after baseball we would run up & down the court playing basketball.

Heidi Watney, Miss California, gave me a bobble-head of her likeness, and we would sometimes talk baseball about the Boston Red Sox. She was always very kind & pleasant to me.

Danny Ainge, played in the 1986 Boston Celtics World Championship with Larry Bird. Also played 3B for Toronto Blue Jays. I have been to his house in Wellesley MA, near Babson College.

A long time ago, Richard Flutie, Doug Flutie's dad, invited me to their home in Natick, MA to view some wedding pictures that he wanted to show me. Richard Flutie moved to Florida, and I'm sorry to say that he and his wife both died within an hour of each other. At that time, I met Doug Flutie for the first time in Natick at their home. I also met the rest of the family. I played against Darren Flutie at short stop, and Bill Flutie in left field in Natick. At that time I played baseball in Waltham in the Stan Musial Baseball League.

Henry with Dan Duqette, he ran the Boston Red Sox for 8 1/2 yrs. He is currently the head CEO for the Baltimore Oreols. Dan came to the TV studios in Waltham MA, and I have his cell phone number.

Donna Cohen, my co-host of my TV show that you can see on YouTube. Her family has 4 box seats at Fenway for 60 years. She works as a lawyer.

This is Dennis as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. I have his cell phone number, and he has agreed to be on my TV show at a future date.

This is Dennis today (above).

Chris Carpenter was in the World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals, was the CY Young award winner. I see him at the Fisher Cat's dinner once a year, he was on my TV show that you can see on YouTube.

Jim Fregosi was kind enough to send me these autographed cards from his collection. He was a player, then was a manager. He was involved with MLB for about 50 years. He eventually became a scout.

Every year, the new Miss New Hampshire gladly takes a picture with Henry, and some have been on his TV show.

Cecil Fielder was on my TV show on YouTube. His son Prince Fielder is now one of the home-run hitters for MLB.

Got a chance to talk to Wade Boggs. He was in the World Series, had about 7 batting titles, and is in the Hall of Fame. I see him at the Fisher Cats dinner.

Rich Gedman, Red Sox catcher, we used to work out indoors during the winter of the early 90's. He caught the 20 strike-outs for Roger Clemens. He talks about that on my TV show on YouTube. After he retired from playing, he bacame a baseball coach. He is currently in AAA Pro Baseball team hitting coach for Pawtucket RI. I spoke to him on his cell phone recently about the AAA players that are now with the Red Sox. I see him once a year atr the Fisher Cat's dinner, or in person in Pawtucket.

Bob Stanley was on my TV show, he was in the 1986 World Series. He was the closer in the pivitol last game where they lost they WS.

Jorge Posada's dad sent me several autographed pictures, after I helped him to get a job as a scout in MLB. Jorge lives in NYC, his dad lives in Puerto Rico.

Billy Beane sent me this autographed picture from his collection. He was in the movie Moneyball. I have his cell phone number if I need to talk to him about a baseball player.

This picture was taken at the Lowell Spinners short season A pro baseball team. He is the son of Rich Gedman. I am friends with the Gedman family. They live in Framingham MA.

Josh Hamilton, MLB player, sent me this from his collection. It is an 8x10 color autographed photo. He also sent me a CD about his life. The return envelope has the Texas Rangers logo on it.

Dick Flavin was at the dinner. I have his cell phone, and will be on a future TV show.

George Segal, movie & TV actor. As a kid I met him in NYC, his agent invited me to meet him at one of his shows playing a banjo, before he became famous. From time to time he would write to me.

Dave Cowens outside of Henry's house. He was kind enough to autograph a basketball for me. He played for the Boston Celtics from 1970-1980.

Claudia Williams autographed and gave me a free book at the Fisher Cat's dinner. She wrote the following on the inside cover: "To Henry- I hope you enjoy the story of my family. All the best to you- signed Claudia Williams" The book is Ted Williams, My Father by Claudia Williams. A long time ago, she called me, she was on my caller ID, she stated that she needed to practice throwing out the first pitch, and I said yes and invited her to come down. We became friends, and I was the only person to get a free book at the Fisher Cat's dinner. That night, about 3 years ago, she went in front of the New York Yankees at Fenway Park, in front of 36,000 baseball fans, an threw out the first pitch. The approximate date was July 12, 2012, Claudia Williams at Fenway Park.

Mike Dukakis was Govoner of Massachusetts and ran for President of the United States, and was probably in 100 billion newspapers and magazines. His wife Kitty Dukakis is in the background talking to Ed Davis, the Boston Police Commisioner at the time. Ed Davis was the person that told people to "shelter in place" after the Marathon Bombers struck.

Art Solomon operates 3 Pro minor league teams. He was on my TV show. He owns the AA Fisher Cats in Manchester NH, the Rock Cats in CT, and a single A team the Bowling Green Hot Rods in KT. He organizes the dinner every year, if you would like to go, they have 1200 tickets, the room only holds 1200 people, and the get 25 celebrities if you would like to meet famous people like Chris Carpenter. The dinner is only once a year.

















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